Virtual Education, Inc. is an interactive online education network connecting teachers & students in a wide variety of industries and providing them with state-of-the-art interactive online education tools. The network of websites ultimately aims to connect those who wish to share their knowledge with those who wish to expand theirs, and to provide members with a convenient way to sell or utilize particular services. Websites affiliated with Virtual Education, Inc. are completely free to join and utilize (to an extent).

Aside from online education, each network provides a community and functions on a social networking platform, exposing users to basic features such as profiles, groups, direct messaging, etc. Upon creating an account and joining a particular community, you are essentially connecting with members of similar interests looking to teach, learn, or simply network. Each member has a unique profile and is easily searchable.

The websites also serve as portals where knowledge can be interchanged. Video & photo sharing, event creation, and group participation are always encouraged and more activity often leads to more business for teachers.

Our current projects include:


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