Feature Summary:

Present in real-time.
No webcam, no-problem. Utilize audio as well. Chat publicly or in private. Share your screen.
Multiple users can video chat.
Upload any microsoft office document. Attendees can raise their hands. Change the layout of the room.



Virtual Education, Inc. has worked hard to provide you with one of the most brilliant virtual whiteboards on the internet. This fully-interactive whiteboard enables users to watch the moderator simultaneously and live as he/she presents.

Functionality includes a wide variety of shapes, a text tool, and drawing capability, all with modifiable sizes and colors.

Video & Audio

Communicate with ease with the other members in your classroom. You have the decision whether you want to use video & audio at the same time or separately.

Public & Private Chat

You can chat with everyone in the class, or have a private chat if you require one-on-one attention.


Intuitive User Panel

A simple, easy to understand user panel shows you who is in the room. Basic icons also display who is using a webcam / microphone.

Control Your Layout

As a viewer you can change your layout to emphasize the presentation, chat, or video — whatever makes most sense for enhanced learning.

Share, Share, Share...

Share Microsoft Office documents, such as Powerpoint presentations, PDFs, Word documents, and more! Upload & view them with everyone in the room in real-time.

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